Thursday, May 7, 2015

Tropical Colors of the Caribbean

Flower Power! 

Water Lily - Martinique

The Caribbean region is always in bloom

Some islands offer a profusion of tropical flower color, while others offer a more subdued landscape. 

No matter which island you visit, colorful flora can be found along the road side, in botanical gardens, rain forests, mountain trails, and just about anywhere else . . .  

Jamaican Water Apple Blossom 
Windsor Research Centre, Jamaica by Ted Lee Eubanks

Buttonwood Flowers in Jamaica

Dominican Republic

The colorful Bird of Paradise is found all over the Caribbean region

Caribbean Passion Flower

Queen Elizabeth Botanical Gardens Grand Cayman

Guadeloupe is one of those islands with a profusion of tropical color

Delicate Caribbean Orchids in every color!

Wild Orchids in Martinique

Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

Barbados Orchid World

And sometimes the beauty is found in a field of green

Cactus field in the interior of Aruba

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