Friday, August 14, 2015

Blogging the Caribbean

Love reading about the experiences of other travel bloggers! 

Local Lens: Jamaica’s Meet The People Program

Photo Credit: The Curious Creature

The Jamaica Tourist Board has been perfecting their "Meet The People Program" since 1968 - so they know a thing or two about pairing visitors with locals. 

The program is free, and all of the ambassadors volunteer their time to show you around so you can experience their country and step outside the traditional resorts!

St Lucia: Paradise Found

Photo Credit: Travel 2 the Caribbean

Paradise has a name and it's St Lucia! "Oneika the Traveler" always takes fantastic photos as she travels around the globe - and St Lucia offers a photo opp at every turn -

The Gunpowder Plot: How Bermuda Helped Win The Revolutionary War

Photo Credit: Go To Bermuda Blog

Go to Bermuda's blog says America’s Revolutionary War might have turned out very differently if it wasn’t for a few bold Bermudians. It’s a classic adventure story, with intrigue, action – and 100 barrels of gunpowder.

Taste Of The Caribbean: Antigua Black, World’s Sweetest Pineapple

Photo Credit: Uncommon Caribbean

Unlike the pineapples we eat most everywhere else in the world, black pineapple fruit is more golden in color. The flavor is also very crisp and low on the acid, which when combined with the amped up sweetness makes ’em very refreshing and invigorating.
Read full blog post at Uncommon Caribbean 

Cuban Culture & Reflections from Trinidad to Cayo Jutia 

Photo Credit: We Blog the World

"We all want postcard-perfect pictures – and selfies - the stuff in the city everyone wants is finite – the more people there are here, the less there is to go around.” Read full article at We Blog the World

(3) Restaurants to Sample the Food Dushi Aruba 
Photo Credit: See Columbia Travel Blog 

On an island with history that has Aruba , full of influences from all over the world both for its past conquests and annexations.  Check out the video and pics here

The VIP Experience on Bonaire

Photo Credit: Camels and Chocolate

“I’d just like to go somewhere for my honeymoon where I have a butler. Is that too much to ask?” 

See how these bloggers found their VIP experience below the sea!

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