Friday, September 18, 2015

Nutmeg Princess Latest Underwater Sculpture In Grenada

This summer another sculpture - the Nutmeg Princess - was added to Grenada's Underwater Sculpture Park at Molinere Bay.  

Nutmeg Princess - Photo Credit: Orlando A. K. Romain

Lene Kilde, a recipient of a scholarship by the Norwegian Arts Council, created the Nutmeg Princess which has a strong connection to the culture of Grenada. 

The Nutmeg Princess is a popular children's book by renowned Grenadian Author Richardo Keens-Douglas. 

In the story the fairy tale princess emerges from a large nutmeg pod, and reaches to the heavens with a handful of the spice Grenada is globally known for.

The 11 foot Nutmeg Princess statue joins the parks other sculptures which serve as an artificial reef, promoting the growth of marine life. 

British sculptor Jason de Clares created the first statues back in 2007, and since then other artists have contributed sculptures for the underwater park. 

The statues are strategically placed within a marine protected area, but are visible to snorkelers, divers and those viewing from a glass-bottom boat.

The Lost Correspondent - Man working at his desk and typewriter, the desk covered with historical newspaper cuttings including some documenting Grenada’s involvement with Cuba

Man on Bike - Life size man cycling along the side of the reef on a salvaged bicycle

Vicissitudes - A circle of life size figures cast from local children linked by holding hands

The Lost Correspondent, Man on Bike and the Vicissitues statues shown above are some of the original statues created by Jason de Clares. Photo Credits: Jason de Clares

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