Sunday, October 25, 2015

Blogging the Caribbean

(ˆ◡ˆ) Greetings from beautiful Aruba! 

Bookmarked these Caribbean blog articles before leaving, and enjoyed reading on the plane ride to One Happy Island . . .

On Tobago, Mermen Come Calling

Photo Credit: Tobago Hotel Tourism

Some of the islands superstition and folklore are African influenced, but other nations who once ruled the island also left behind their oral traditions. 

One interesting piece of folklore are the Mermen and Fairy Maids - a colorful twist on the traditional mermaid legends. 

Island elders say they come from the deep waters off the villages of Speyside and Charlotteville, where the Caribbean meets the Atlantic Ocean. They come seeking the fairy maids who are thought to inhabit the island’s rivers and waterfalls. Find out more at NY Times Travel 

A Flying Visit to Mustique

Photo Credit: Life Gives You Coconuts

"Life Gives You Coconuts" blog describes the private island of Mustique as being thrown into a tropical postcard, and they were the only two guests on the island for the weekend - Take a look at their getaway in The Grenadines 

Sailing the Tobago Cays
One of my favorite sailing destinations! 
Photo Credit: LuxLife Blog

Catherine Lux made her dream of sailing the Grenadines a reality. Head over to Lux Life blog 

Discover the Amazing, Caribbean Island of Saba
Just thinking about this tiny Dutch Caribbean island brings back fond vacation memories. This destination appeals to eco-travelers, divers, and anyone looking to drop off the grid . . . 
Photo Credit: Life of Luxury
Saba is a land of opposites . . . gorgeous, tropical scenery to the white-knuckle airplane landing - See more of this tiny Dutch Caribbean island at Life of Luxury

Spotlight on Virgin Gorda in the BVI
One visit to Virgin Gorda will have you longing for a return visit! 

The Baths in Virgin Gorda - Photo Credit: Travel 2 the Caribbean

When you approach the island by boat it is easy to see the form of a ‘plump virgin’ lying on her back. Take a look! 

Happy Travels,

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