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Longest Beach in The Caribbean

Barbuda - 
This secluded "Pink Paradise" is really one of the 
Caribbean's best kept secrets!

Photo Credit: Travel News Blog

When reading articles about the Caribbean's Best Beaches, this spectacular beach is often not included. Obviously the writers have not visited Antigua's little sister island Barbuda. (ˆ◡ˆ) 

Named 17 Mile Beach or Low Bay, this breathtaking 17 miles of pink sand beach deserves a mention on the regions best beach list. The beach is actually a 17 mile strip of land that separates the Barbuda lagoon from the Caribbean Sea.

Walk for hours on the soft hues of pink/white sands and and never see another person - or even a footprint in some areas.  

The beach is lined with towering palms, the aqua blue waters are calm, and you can easily take a swim or snorkel anywhere along this pristine coastline. 

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This is a wild, natural environment, so you will not find the typical beach facilities. For a day trip bring plenty of water, towels, sun screen, snacks, a straw hat or cap, and a camera. 

Largest Frigate Bird Colony in the world 

After spending time on the beach, head across the lagoon by boat to the mangroves to the Frigate Bird Colony. 
Photo Credit: Travel 2 the Caribbean

During mating season the male Frigate birds inflate their large 
red throat pouches like a balloon. 

There are an estimated 5,000 frigate birds, along with hundreds of other species of birds. I was amazed at the wing span size of the frigate birds which can span up to 90 inches! 

If you are staying on Antigua, Barbuda is just 28 miles away. You can opt for the ferry, or take the Barbuda tour by catamaran. For those visitors staying on Barbuda, the larger resorts will arrange helicopter service which takes about 20 minutes, and land directly on the property.  

View of Barbuda from the air
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Barbuda is 15 miles long, 8 miles wide, and remains largely undeveloped. 

This is a very small, close knit community and the locals are extremely friendly and helpful. 

The land is flat, rocky and the interior of of the island is mainly shrub. In the villages goats, donkeys and horses roam around freely. For tourists it's all about the pristine coastline beaches. The island has a limited amount of restaurants - one of the best is Uncle Roddy's which is known for fresh lobster, and beachfront setting.


Stayed at both Coco Pont & the Light House - Excellent service, rooms and of course the beach!

Coco Point Lodge

All inclusive secluded resort on a 164 acre peninsula bordered by miles of pristine pink and white sand beaches. 35 bedrooms on the beach side, each with a lush tropical verandah. The on-site restaurant serves a variety of fresh seafood including lobster, fresh vegetables/fruits, along with fine wine.

Light House Bay Resort

Five-star luxury at its finest! Nine beachfront suites, on-site restaurant offering three gourmet meals daily. Complimentary Wi-Fi in each room - excellent service.

Smaller Barbuda Accommodations:
Visited both properties while on the island - very nice, comfortable accommodations right on the beach

Barbuda Cottages
Eco-friendly lodging on the beach

North Beach Cottages
5 bungalow beachfront cottages with 3 I's' Rule (No iPhones, No Internet, No Interruptions)


Barbuda Express Ferry 

Excellence high speed catamaran provides Barbuda tours, along with tours in Antigua. The Barbuda tour includes lunch, unlimited drinks, beach time, and visit to Frigate Bird Sanctuary.  More info here

Carlisle Bay - Antigua

Antigua boasts 365 beaches, one for every day of the year . . . 
Beach lovers take my advice when visiting Antigua - head over to the little sister island Barbuda - you can thank me later!  

Happy Travels,

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