Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Backing Sand - Cayman Islands Christmas

Backing Sand is an old Christmas tradition in the Cayman Islands

In many parts of the world a "White Christmas" of snow blanketing the ground is taken for granted. Many years ago Cayman islanders decided to use one of their natural resources to cover their yards at Christmas - beautiful white beach sand.

Sand backing usually begins in November and continues until Christmas Eve

Sand is carried from the beach in straw baskets woven from leaves of the thatch palm trees. Photo Credit: Heritage House - Cayman Brac

 The sand is dumped into different piles all over the yard, and on Christmas Eve morning the sand piles are swept across the yard to resemble snow. 

No one can walk on the sand until Christmas Day, so a gravel pathway is made to get in and out of the house. The pathway is lined with conch shells to complete the snow white sand yard.  Photo Credit: Ann Stafford via Cayman Reporter 

Today many of the old island houses have White Sand Yards for the holidays, and there is competition for who has the whitest and most beautiful sand yard on Christmas morning.

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