Friday, December 18, 2015

Celebrate the Holidays with Guavaberry

Guavaberry Emporium on Front Street in Philipsburg, St Maarten

Earlier this year I stocked up on Guavaberry Rum on a cruise visit to St Maarten.
While you can order the products online, depending on where you live the rum is not easy to get here in the States. The Christmas holiday season is the only time Guavaberry products are offered for bulk pricing - and I am stocking up on jams and sauces. 

(ˆ◡ˆ) I should note I am not being compensated for this post - I love the rum and products, and want to share this once a year special pricing with fellow guavaberry lovers

Guavaberry is the traditional drink in Dutch St Maarten and French St Martin - especially during island celebrations and the holiday season. 

The liquor is made from generations old recipes consisting of aged rum, brown sugar and wild guavaberries. If you're not familiar with the taste - it is a combination of bitter, tart and sweet. The most popular use of the fruit is rum, however the berries are also made into jams, tarts and cakes, juices, and breads.

When ripe the berries can either be black or orange in color - both taste about the same. This is truly an exotic island kind of fruit as there is no set season for the berries - much like "island time" - it will happen, but at no specific time or schedule.

For centuries people in the Caribbean have used guavaberry to make jams, juice, tarts and cakes. 

Guavaberry is a traditional holiday drink on several Caribbean islands including Martinique, Guadeloupe, Dominican Republic, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.


On the French side of the island (St Martin) you can purchase guavaberry rum and other products in beautiful hand-painted bottles at Ma Doudou Cul de Sac. Photo Credit: Uncommon Caribbean


Guavaberry Bulk Gift Specials

Happy Holidays,

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