Saturday, December 5, 2015

New St Lucia Culinary, Cultural, Historical Attraction

A few months ago Barefoot Holidays, a St Lucia destination management company, announced a new island attraction to their list of tours and excursions.

Greenwood Terrace Heritage will offer visitors an opportunity to learn more about the islands history, cultural legacy and natural beauty in a 2 1/2 hour tour.

Greenwood Terrace Heritage Experience is a unique cultural attraction featuring lush tropic gardens, a culinary facility and a mini-museum. The location is in the north of the island, and is within easy reach of most major hotels - and hotel transportation is included in the tour.

The intimate and picturesque setting is situated on more than a half-acre of rich, gently sloping land, and is home to over 250 species of tropical fruit and exotic flowering trees and plants, including orchids, hibiscus, frangipani, aloe, and birds of paradise. 

The indigenous fruit trees include several varieties of mangoes, as well as guava, bananas, avocadoes, and cassava. The area is also a natural habitat for more than 20 species of tropical birds, a number of which can only be found on St Lucia.

Traditional Kitchen Garden
The traditional “kitchen garden” is where the herb seasonings that are essential to St Lucia’s special culinary flavors are grown. There is also a garden displaying indigenous medicinal herbs and plants that St Lucians have used for generations to aid digestion, help relieve nausea and other symptoms. Some of the herbs are still favored by the island’s residents.

Mini Museum
The islands cultural heritage and history is also brought to life at Greenwood Terrace’s mini-museum, where highlights include a pictorial display of how the clay “Coalpot”, used for cooking, is made. The process requires a rare skill that was handed down from St Lucia’s Amerindian forefathers and is practiced today only by the residents of the Village of Choiseul in the south of the island. View a traditional fowl coop, an outdoor cooking fireplace and a clay oven used to bake cassava bread.

Other relics including artifacts, weapons, and craftwork are on display throughout the museum which showcases the early settlements of St Lucia’s indigenous people - along with the showing how the influence of European and African cultures have formed the islands culture. Traditional Creole dress and hearwear are also on display.


Take a sensory journey into St Lucia’s history and culture on a guided tour of Greenwood Terrace gardens. Learn about bay rum, derived from bay leaves, and discover new ways to use locally made coconut oil. 

Get to know some of the flavors and scents used long ago by the island’s original inhabitants, the Antillean Arawak, in medicine and cuisine. 

Along the way, engage your taste buds by trying fruits, island delicacies, rum and more.

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