Sunday, February 21, 2016

Blogging the Caribbean

Sharing the experiences of other bloggers as they journey through the Caribbean region . . . 

10 Things Foreigners Should Know About Trinidad and Tobago

Oldest rainforest reserve in the Western Hemisphere
Photo Credit: I Am Aileen

Before her visit blogger Aileen Adalid only knew Trinidad and Tobago were islands in the Caribbean. See what she found and learned about this twin island nation! 

Hiking Mount Christoffel in Curacao

Photo Credit: Wander the Map

Jenna and Micah at Wander the Map, blog about their adventures of getting to and hiking the highest point on the island - Hiking Mt Christoffel

Jacmel: Mosaics, Literature ad Haiti's Cultural Heart

Jacmel Haiti Mosaics - Photo Credit: Bite-Sized Travel

Bite-sized Travel goes to Haiti and explores the legendary Haitian city of culture, Jacmel on a walking tour.

Where to Eat in Puerto Rico

OG 1924 Hotel Caeser Salad - Photo Credit: LL World Tour

World traveler Lisa says "Puerto Rican food is not normally something I seek out. With a lot of fried food and meat, the staples are just not things I normally crave. But, as always, when in Rome"  - Lisa definitely had a wonderful foodie trip 

How To Plan A Bareboating Adventure in the Caribbean

Photo Credit: Roam Right

Would you ever consider renting your own boat for vacation? 
Great tips from A Roam Right Blog on throwing your sails to the wind – literally!

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