Thursday, March 17, 2016

Only Caribbean Island Where St Patrick's Day Is Public Holiday

Montserrat, known as the Emerald Island of the Caribbean, is the only country outside of Ireland where St. Patrick’s Day is a public holiday, and the only Caribbean island where you will get shamrock shaped stamp in your passport. 

Photo Credit: Visit Montserrat

St Patick's Day is one of the islands most popular events, and it's a unique 10 day celebration of African and Irish heritage. Locals wear the national dress in which green is the dominant color, and the music celebrations range from steel pan, calypso, West African dance and rhythms of Irish polka.

St Patrick's Day celebration on Montserrat is a celebration of the freedom fighters in 1768, when the first attempted slave uprising broke out during Ireland’s national holiday.

The Irish/African connection dates back to the 1600's when Irish political prisoners and African slaves were both transported to the West Indies to work the plantations. 

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