Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Anguilla 2016 Summer Carnival Festival

This year's theme is 
"Showcasing our culture through Boat Racing, Feting and Spreeing"  

Anguilla is unique as many of the carnival festivities take place in the water, and on the islands beaches. 

You can't have Carnival in Anguilla without boat racing, which is deeply rooted in the islands heritage. 

Throughout the week crewed boats race around the island at rapid speeds to win bragging rights, eligibility for other future races and the champion title. 

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In fact Anguilla goes against international racing rules which state if two boats are sailing towards each other, the boat without the right away must turn

Not on Anguila! If you hear shouts of "Hard Lee" the captain has opted for the boats to collide, and there's more action as the the crews will have to be rescued. 

Anguilla Carnival's Big August Monday!  This day is a government holiday, and many businesses are closed 

The action gets underway around 5:00 a.m. Jouvert Morning is the big kick-off to August Monday with the loud sounds of Soca and Calypso bands on floats. The "Road March" goes all the way from The Valley to Sandy Ground, Anguilla’s main port. This is an all day affair, and when the sun goes down the bands perform at the Caribbean Beach Party. 

More boat races and parties are held during the week throughout the island at Island Harbour, Sandy Ground, and Meads Bay. Islanders picnic and enjoy family reunions, and there's always plenty of food, rum and music.  

The colorful Parade of Troupes is held on Friday. The troupes are from villages all over the island and parade through the streets of the Valley. The beautiful handmade costumes are very intricate, and depict cultural and fantasy themes.  

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