Tuesday, January 17, 2017

10 Day Cuban Cultural Voyage

Offering the most comfortable and comprehensive Cuba Cruises 

Pearl Seas Cruises is defining a new style of Luxury Adventure™ with the stunning, new Pearl Mist cruise ship - Photo Courtesy of Pearl Seas Cruises 

Experience the captivating history and heritage of Cuba on this 10-night, round trip, Cuban Cultural Voyage with Pearl Seas Cruises. 

Visit exclusive ports of call not accessible to larger vessels, and become immersed in authentic Cuba with complimentary people-to-people guided excursions. This intimate cultural exchange extends to Pearl Seas on board enrichment program. 

Advantages of Sailing With Pearl Seas 
  • Visit 7 different Cuban locations 
  • Just 210 passengers 
  • All staterooms are oversized 
  • All staterooms have balconies 
  • All shore excursions included 
  • Complimentary cocktail hours every night 
  • All fine dining is open, single seating

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