Monday, January 30, 2017

St Barths or the Art of Being Luxury Island

St Barths is Chic and Expensive . . . 

A celebrity favorite, the island is sometimes described as a bit of the French Riviera in the Caribbean

The official legal name is St Barthelemy, however there is no one correct way of spelling the islands name in its shortened usage. It is called St Bart, St Barths (the French nickname), and St Barts.  You will find all three names in pamphlets and guidebooks. 

The island boasts some of the finest gourmet dining in the region, designer boutiques, fine beaches and secluded coves, along with a unique heritage. 

Most of its residents are descendants of immigrants from Normandy and Brittany in France, and from Sweden which ruled the country for more than 90 years. 

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