Friday, December 7, 2018

Hamilton Tickets Puerto Rico Vacation Packages

This posting is in response to many inquiries about tickets for the upcoming 
Tony Award-winning musical Hamilton in Puerto Rico. 

Image Credit: Broadway Direct

January 8–27, 2019
Teatro UPR (the University of Puerto Rico in San Juan)
This will be the islands biggest event next year, and there is much excitement about Lin Manuel-Miranda returning to his native land and being back in the title role of Alexander Hamilton. 

Sorry folks, when regular priced tickets ($99.00 - $350) went on sale last month, they SOLD OUT immediately. When the play is announced in any location, the tickets sell out quickly. I was very fortunate to snatch up tickets when the play first hit Chicago, and for those who have not had the opportunity to see Hamilton, I highly recommend.

In the ticket inquiries, many blog readers mentioned an online lottery for tickets priced at $10.00 via the Hamilton App. So I downloaded the Hamilton App on my iPad to view the $10 lottery locations and the cities listed are New York, Chicago, London, Buffalo, and Greenville - no Puerto Rico. 

So here's what I know for now . . . 

**Hamilton Travel Packages**

Puerto Rico Tourism is offering travel packages for a limited time only that include tickets. As of this writing, there are three packages still available of the four originally offered. If you are interested in attending the Puerto Rico Hamilton Performances, jump on this ASAP!

Prizeo was offering a FREE Puerto Rico trip for a $10 donation, and opening night tickets, however, a winner has already been announced

Flamboyan Arts Fund VIP Fundraiser Tickets 

There are some super-expensive tickets still available, and they are priced to help in restoring arts funding to Puerto Rico for the next few years. 

Hold onto to your seat! The price is $5,000.00 and the only available dates at this price are January 16, 17, and 23rd. Tickets include a premium seat at the show as well as an invite to a VIP post-show reception hosted by chef José Andrés, chef Mario Pagán, and World Central Kitchen’s Chefs For Puerto Rico. The Arts Fund is housed at Flamboyan Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and a significant portion of your purchase will count as a tax-deductible donation.    

Donations instead of purchasing tickets

All donations are tax deductible and will go directly to the Flamboyan Arts Fund.

If any more info comes across my desk, I will be sure to update this post and share on social media. And if you find tickets online, be careful they are valid - more info here -

Happy Travels,

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